Your Guide to Overseeding

Are you feeling stuck with a drab looking lawn? You don’t cut your grass too short, you water it regularly, but it still doesn’t seem to be as green and lush as you’d like?

Overseeding can bring NEW life to a thin, worn lawn. It can also fill in patches where the grass is thin or nonexistent. In addition, many established lawns have grass varieties that aren’t as advanced as today’s grasses. The type of grass in your lawn may not even be suitable to your area or isn’t as impervious to disease and pests as it could be.

Overseeding can help you get back to the thick, lush, green lawn you’ve always wanted. By applying grass seed over your existing lawn, your lawn will start to look terrific again. 

Why Overseed?

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  • Your grass is suffering from drought stress
  • The type of grass you have isn’t pest or disease resistant, and possibly distressed from this type of damage
  • Your lawn has bare patches where grass never grows
  • Your yard has a dull overall color, lacking in that deep emerald you’re wanting

When to Overseed?

In Omaha, typically the best time to overseed is late summer to early fall. The soil is still warm, but the air is cooler, and there are fewer weeds to compete against. If you are unable to seed in the fall, the spring is the second-best time, you just want to do it early enough that the seedlings can establish before the summer heat begins.

Overseeding: DIY or Hire Professionals?

Overseeding can be done yourself with proper mowing, grass selection, seeding, fertilizer, and watering. However, a professional lawn care company can help you make sure overseeding is what your lawn actually needs. Since patchy, scraggly lawns can be caused by other problems, you could be wasting your time and money on overseeding. We can evaluate your lawn and tell you what services you may need, may it be overseeding, aeration, or dethatching.

A professional lawn service like Nebraska Yard Care also has more advanced equipment than most homeowners. Their tools get the job done quickly, accurately, and more effectively than most can do themselves.

Regardless of your approach, overseeding your lawn is an easy and effective way to get your long looking healthier, greener, and lusher than ever before.

Contact Nebraska Yard Care today to find out if overseeding is right for you.

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