Winter Lawn Care Essentials

One of the biggest myths of lawncare is once the leaves are cleared, caring for your lawn is finished until spring. We are here to bust that myth wide open! Even when your grass is dormant for the winter, there are benefits for taking time to care for your lawn that will keep it healthy and ready for springtime. To prepare you for this winter, we have compiled 5 ways you can care for your lawn in preparation for spring. 

Removing Debris

lawn care omaha in the winter

The last thing you want to do after a brutal winter storm is go outside. We get it. But it is a good idea after high winds and ice, to pick up your yard which was most likely littered with tree branches and other debris. Doing this will help your grass avoid drainage issues, compacting soil, and unwanted bare patches.


lawn aeration omaha

While this is a chore that can easily be done in the summer, if you have not gotten to it, do not let those cold temperatures stop you! From heavy foot traffic to machinery on your lawn, the soil under your grass tends to become very compacted. Your soil then dries out and your grass will not be getting the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. Aerating your lawn fixes these issues by increasing airflow and improving the drainage in your yard.

Minimize soil compaction

lawn care omaha in the winter

As mentioned above, when soil compacts, it causes reduction in grass nourishment, leading to your grass drying out and drainage issues throughout the yard.

Along with salt damage, snow piled on top of the grass may cause compaction along with bare spots. When you can, avoid putting shoveled snow on the grass. If you must, spread it out so one part of the yard isn’t doing all of the “heavy lifting”.

Seeding and Sodding

If your lawn has bare patches left over from when the weather was warm, you are still able to lay pieces of sod over them now to stop erosion and soil compaction. Make sure this is done on a day when the ground is above freezing! This is one tip we recommend the sooner you do it, the better off your lawn is.


Omaha has already gotten its first snow, and most of the trees still have their leaves! It is important to get out there and rake to avoid wet leaves left on the lawn. They may lead to bare patches, pest infestation, fungal growth, and water buildup.

Caring for your lawn now during the wintertime will allow you to start off on the right foot in the springtime. Contact us today with your questions or to schedule your lawn care services for this winter!

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