Why Aerate Your Lawn this Fall: Landscaping Maintenance in Omaha

A key component of great lawn care is aerating your soil. Why? Because over time, your soil becomes naturally compacted. This now compacted ground makes it difficult for your grass to get water and nutrients to the roots, negatively affecting its health.

The summer has been filled with hot sun, hard rain, and months of mowing on end. Your grass has been through a lot. Now is the time to take extra care of your lawn, so that by next spring, you have a happy, healthy, and low-maintenance yard!

What is Aeration?

For those that aren’t aware, aerating your yard assures healthy grass, because it breaks up the soil and allows air, water, and nutrients to circulate to the roots of your grass. Nebraska Yard Care uses an aerate machine that removes small cores or “plugs” of compacted soil. This creates holes in your yard that are about 2-3 inches deep and typically no more than 4 inches apart. While you may notice these plugs laying around in your yard after the initial process, after watering and mowing, they will soon disappear—adding their nutrients back to your lawn.

What are the Benefits of Aerating?

  1. Healthy Root Growth
    • With a less compacted soil, the roots of your grass will have more access to fertilizer, nutrients, and water, so the roots can grow deeper, giving you a stronger, more robust lawn.
  2. Prepares Your Lawn for Winter
    • Lawns are tired and dry after a long summer, making it harder for them to survive a harsh winter. Fall aeration can help revitalize your grass so it’s equipped to handle the chilly weather and helps when it starts growing again next spring!
  3. Helps prevent the buildup of harmful chemicals and toxins in the soil and root system
  4. Protects plants from diseases and pathogens caused by poor aeration
  5. Reduces Puddles
    • If you see puddles forming in your yard after you water or it rains, that could be a telltale sign your lawn is too compact, and that you really need to aerate!
  6. Prevents fertilizers and pesticides from running off due to soil compaction
  7. Increases the activity of beneficial microorganisms in the soil that promote plant health

Why Aerate Your Lawn in the Fall?

As the weather starts to cool, your grass can finally take a break from the stress of summer months. Typically, most lawn care companies will recommend aerating in spring or fall because of the cooler temperatures. However, some will argue that fall is the best time of the year.

Aerating in spring is not the ideal time because the aeration holes provide a perfect spot for weeds to germinate. Although, if your soil is so compacted that existing grass can’t grow, then you may still need to aerate come spring.

However, during fall, there is minimum weed germination, so it isn’t as big of a worry. In addition, taking care of your grass before the winter months helps guarantee that your lawn is healthy, strong, and ready to take on the cold. This also means you will be setting yourself up for a beautiful, lush yard by next spring.  

Schedule Your Fall Aeration Today!

If you do the work now, you can reap the benefits of a beautiful lawn by next year! Don’t try to amend the winter’s damage because you didn’t prepare. Give your grass some breathing room and schedule your lawn aeration with Nebraska Yard Care today.

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