When Should You Start Planning Your Landscaping?

The quick answer? Now.

It may seem wrong to think about your yard while it is cold and barren, but it is exactly the right time. No one wants to find out that it’s too late to do what they wanted with their yard, and that is why we recommend planning your landscaping design now. If you’re looking to transform your yard come spring, whether it is a residential or commercial property, it is important to start planning in the winter.

Understand Planting Schedules

Don’t miss the window of opportunity to plant what you want! Every plant, tree, and shrub has unique characteristics. From the color, hardiness, and time of year it should be planted, a lot of variables go into planning the types of plants you might want and when they can be planted.

Talk with a local landscaping company like Nebraska Yard Care to understand better what you can plant in your garden or yard today to be ready come spring.

Residential Landscaping

Picture this— it’s 80 degrees, you are sitting on your new back patio, admiring your fresh cut lawn and newly weeded flower garden. The best part is you didn’t lift a finger.

That’s because you had Nebraska Yard Care do all your Omaha landscaping and lawn care for you. And you planned it in the winter so now it’s done for you to enjoy in the summer.

If you want to enjoy your outdoor space during summer, start planning in winter!

Find a landscaping company first. That way you can begin your landscaping design and finalize features like retaining walls and flower beds. You’ll have time to budget for the project so that, at the first sight of warm weather, the landscaping can start.

Commercial Landscaping

Budgeting is an important part of commercial landscaping, and the sooner you start planning the better. Talk with landscapers to create the plan you need, whether it’s initial planting and design, or you’re looking for lawn care and lawn mowing. That way you can get an estimate of what it will cost to keep your business’s landscaping up to date and looking sharp year-round.

The Bottom Line

Don’t wait until the last minute to plan your landscaping. Getting a professional design in place will save you money and time during the installation process. We want to give you the yard of your dreams, working together to find the right landscaping solutions for your yard.

Nebraska Yard Care offers a wide range of services, and is happy to start planning your landscaping design or maintenance plan today. Let us transform your residential property, or update your commercial property. Whatever your landscaping needs are, we can help. Contact us for more information!


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