The Hottest Landscaping Tips for Summer!

Looking to spruce up your yard this summer? It is the season of backyard hangs, BBQs, and drinks on the patio, so why not create a space you love!

Combine Edibles with Ornamentals

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From lettuces to edible flowers, and even throwing tomatoes or peppers in with your annuals, you can add splashes of color while also growing food!

Bring in Some Wildlife

You can plant flowers rich in nectar for bees and butterflies, hang feeders for squirrels, or fill a birdbath for a cool place to cool off. You can even try to attract good bugs that fight off the pests and even aerate your soil!

Add Native Plants

Nebraska has so many beautiful perennials that can survive our frigid winters, like coneflowers or hydrangeas! Native plantings also often require less watering than exotic species. Get professional landscaping advice from the pros like Nebraska Yard Care!

Revamp the Deck

If you haven’t treated your deck in a while, now is a great time! Make it more inviting with a fresh coat of stain or a nice power wash.

Add Late-Summer Blooms

Keep your yard colorful all year long! Consider planting dahlias, black-eyed Susans, coreopsis, zinnias, and marigolds for lots of blooms even when it’s scorching out.

Take Some Notes

Assess your garden now! Jot down some notes of what you like and don’t like so you can adjust at the right time—like fall or spring. Take pictures as visual reminders or note if plants are too big for their current spot.

Consider some Hardscaping

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Hardscape can really polish up a yard. Whether it’s with a retaining wall or a paved path, hardscaping can really take your backyard up a notch! It can also provide more seating areas, sturdy steps, firepits, and more.

Don’t Forget the Lights

Outdoor lighting can really create an ambiance. You can light a seating area with tiki torches, use solar lights on a pathway, or even add some up lighting on your home for curb appeal.

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