3 Reasons Your Yard Needs Retaining Walls

Great looking yards require more than just green. Are you interested in taking your curb appeal to the next level? Consider using retaining walls. Not only do they add an excellent design quality, their functionality may surprise you. Using retaining walls in the often-hilly Omaha region is a great way to add beauty and strength to any landscaping plan.

Here are a few reasons why you may need retaining walls:

1. First and Foremost, Retaining Walls Fight Erosion

The primary reason for a retaining wall is as extra support to prevent the earth from moving downhill with erosion. Rock and tile retaining walls add strength and stability to hillsides, preventing erosion.

Did you know that by preventing erosion and keeping the earth and water from running downhill, you are helping your plants retain water and nutrients? This gives your landscape a finished, greener, and more polished look.

Erosion also threatens the foundation of your house. If your house is located on a hill, your home’s foundation may be slowly washing away. Retaining walls can create proper water drainage and stop erosion, potentially saving your home’s foundation.

Retaining Wall Repair in Omaha

2. Improve Your Landscape Design

Lower the maintenance of your yard, increase the value in your home, ensure envy from your neighbors; whatever your end goal, a retaining wall is exactly what you need.

Before building, you’ll need to know what kind of landscaping you already have or plan to create, and how strong the retaining walls need to be. Even low retaining walls need to hold back a surprising amount of weight. To do this, contact the best landscaping company in Omaha and create a design plan for your landscaping. Having a plan will inevitably save you money.

You need a landscaping company that can blend with your current landscaping and meet your personal aesthetic. Take time to consider your options. Natural stone local to Omaha almost always looks good in landscaping projects, especially when you’re working to blend nature with human construction. Tile, brick and even sturdy paver stones create a more finished look that blends well with patios and manicured landscapes. Dry stack natural stone, which depends primarily on the stone’s own weight to hold it in place, looks very different from mortared reclaimed brick.

3. Create Additional Functional Areas

Take advantage of your retaining wall project to add other functional elements to your yard.

Fire pits, outdoor kitchens, sunken patios, storm channels, and paving can all be crafted at the same time as your retaining wall with the same stone batch for a beautiful finished look that adds value to your home. In some cases, retaining walls are ideal for creating sheltered parking or patio spaces, or they can help reclaim areas you thought were unusable.

Retaining walls also help with leveling hills, making mowing your yard easy and manageable. Don’t risk your toes trying to mow a steep hill! Having a professional retaining wall built can create terraces that are functional and appealing.

In the End, Hire the Professionals

If your retaining wall is going to exceed three feet in height or it’s going to have a lot of hill above it, you should consult an expert before starting. This sort of project requires calculations for load-bearing, rainfall impact, and a number of other things that vary by where you’re located. Professional landscapers are familiar with what the ground looks like both above and below the ground, so they are able to accommodate other variables like bedrock, drainage impact, and foundational stability.

Professional landscapers also have the expertise to advise on other critical issues, like what kinds of plants will help stabilize the area around your wall. Perhaps most importantly, they are familiar with the impact of weather in your area and can build walls that will withstand cracking due to freezing and heavy rainfall.

Every landscaping project with retaining walls is different. You may need something simple and solid, or wide curving stone that slopes toward the hill for tough, secure support. No matter what sort of wall you need, Nebraska Yard Care can provide advice, planning, and construction to create a durable, livable landscape ideal for your home.

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