Spring Yard Cleanups in Omaha

Nice weather is just around the corner, which means so is yard care season! 

One of the best first steps to take in Spring as a homeowner is to clean up your yard so that it’s ready for new growth and looking its best! Winter can leave a lot of debris scattered across your lawn, like leaves, branches, pine needles, and dead plants. It is really important to clean up your yard, not just for looks, but also for the health of your grass and plants.

Allowing leaves and other debris to stay on your yard can be detrimental to your grass. It can create a thick layer that doesn’t allow the grass to breathe, as well as blocking water, nutrients and healthy airflow from getting to the roots.

This often wet debris can invite pests and diseases and cause serious problems like mold or brown patches in the grass. If it becomes matted down, it can even prevent new grass blades from emerging. 

If you want thick, healthy-looking grass for the upcoming year, it’s important to start now with cleaning up your yard!

Yard Clean-Up Services

Nebraska Yard Care helps busy or unable folks keep their yards tidy and healthy. We can help clean up your yard this spring and look good all year long with some simple yard maintenance!

Lawn Pre-Treatment

Treat for weeds and add fertilizer for a lush, healthy lawn. We suggest you do a pre-emergent in early April that prevents crabgrass, foxtail, and grubs, and includes a professional slow-release fertilizer. A vapor barrier is also created, which lasts 8-10 weeks and can control weeds before they germinate. Plus, we add a watering agent that works on the dirt to help break up clay and keep your lawn looking greener.

Remove Dead Plants

Whether you have plants that didn’t survive Winter or some annuals that got left out, plants do inevitably die. We can remove old dead plants to prepare the way for new ones to grow in the Spring. This keeps your landscaping beds and lawn looking clean and gives other plants the chance to thrive. 

Lay Mulch

Mulch not only looks nice in flower beds, but it also helps the soil retain its moisture. It can also contribute to soil health, helps with weed control, and reduces injury over the winter. We can add fresh mulch or gravel in your landscaping beds and garden so they look great for summer and you have fewer weeds to pull.

Rake Leaves

Remove dead leaves and fallen debris from your yard so your grass can really get the water, nutrients, and sunshine it needs! Things can get messy and pile up over the Winter, so have Nebraska Yard Card remove everything and leave you with a well-manicured lawn.

Omaha Yard Cleanup

Whatever your yard clean-up tasks might be, Nebraska Yard Care can help! In addition to yard cleanups, we offer full-service mowing, chemical applications every 4-6 weeks, and can keep your landscaping looking great all summer with our bed maintenance plans.

Contact us today for more information or a free consultation.

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