Spring Yard Cleanup Checklist

spring cleanup, landscaping company omahaIt basically feels as though Nebraska skipped from winter to summer this year (or maybe that’s every year), however, it is still technically spring and there is still plenty of yard work to be done!

We wanted to offer some helpful tips that we use when cleaning up our clients yards in Omaha during the spring. If you’re looking to spruce up your yard after the long winter months, we’ve got your back.

Your Spring Checklist for Yard Cleanup

  • Remove dead leaves and plants from landscaping beds.
    • Take a look through your landscaping beds and remove any plants that didn’t winter over. It is also a good idea to deadhead any plants and grasses. Any debris such as leaves or pine cones should be removed.
  • Add mulch to landscaping beds
    • Mulch offers good weed control and helps hold water in your soil for longer. As an added bonus, it also looks nice and professional.
  • Check all retaining walls and walkways for damage
    • Double check to see how things are holding up. Retaining walls can be necessary to fight erosion but can also be affected by it. Any walkways or paths that can barely be seen should also be cleaned up and made visible.
  • Cut back and remove plants
    • Sometimes plants that you don’t want keep coming back year after year. Cut these back to prevent overgrowth. You may also notice seedlings sprouting, such as for maple trees, and if you don’t want a maple tree growing there, it’s best to remove it.
  • Complete a Chemical Application
    • Depending on the types of chemicals, you can prevent crabgrass, control bugs, and have a greener looking yard with different chemical applications. If you are unsure about the process or are looking for a professional company to do your chemical applications, we can help. We have a six step program and apply chemicals every 4-6 weeks to keep your lawn looking its best.
  • Add new perennials and annuals
    • If you’re looking for added color or replacing a dead plant, check out your local plant store for annuals and perennials. Just remember to always check the type of sun they need so you plant them somewhere they will flourish.

Don’t have time for a spring cleanup?

If you’re not able to get the steps to cleanup your yard, you’re not alone. Nebraska Yard Care is happy to help. You can get the lawn of your dreams without lifting a finger with us.

Contact Nebraska Yard Care at 402-208-7861 for a free consultation.  Nebraska Yard Care has been a staple of the Nebraska lawn care community since 1998. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality people and products. With lots of satisfied customers, our reputation speaks for itself.

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