Retaining Walls

Lasting, Affordable Retaining Walls with Dependable Service

We Help You Build or Repair Your Retaining Walls in Omaha

Nebraska Yard Care can build or repair your retaining wall in Omaha, NE.

Retaining walls are not only functional and sometimes a necessary element to landscape designs, but can also add strength and appeal to any outdoor space, whether residential or commercial. It can change a generic backyard into a personal retreat, or make hilly, uneven land easier to mow. If you already have a retaining wall, but it is no longer structurally sound or appealing, we can change that!

Nebraska Yard Care offers retaining wall construction for the Omaha developer, home builder, business owner, and homeowner – and does it by providing dependable service at affordable prices with beautiful results.

  • Landscape retaining walls make an excellent focal point in your yard. The beauty and flexibility that modular block, rock, and timber retaining walls offer can add dimension, depth, and wonder to any outdoor setting.
  • Structural retaining walls offer foundational support as well as interest to almost any commercial project. Choose from a modular block, rock /stone or timber retaining walls.

Our mission is to construct retaining walls that will not only last a lifetime but will also complement the surrounding landscape.

We strive to be on time and to work within your budget. We promise to deliver beautiful results backed by dependable service at affordable prices.

When you hire Nebraska Yard Care you can be assured that your retaining wall will:

  • start with a solid foundation
  • use built-to-last materials
  • use proper materials, backfill, and drainage
  • finish on time and on budget

In Omaha and the surrounding area, there is not a more affordable, conscientious company than Nebraska Yard Care.

We can also help with all your landscaping in Omaha.

Contact us today for a free estimate on a retaining wall that’s built to last.

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