The Importance of Landscaping

Spring is finally here! It’s the perfect time to landscape your yard. Whether you’re a repeat customer looking for some cleaning up or someone who is looking to landscape their yard for the first time, Nebraska Yard Care is here to help elevate your dream yard design to something functional and elegant.

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Why Overseed and Aerate Your Omaha Lawn

Lawncare in Omaha can be a challenging task that requires your attention year round. You can struggle with keeping that grass green even when constantly watering and mowing all the time. Luckily there are some tips and tricks you can use to make lawn care in Omaha easy while keeping your lawn healthy and lush.

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Spring Yard Cleanup Checklist

March 20th is officially the first day of spring, and I think we speak for most when we say we cannot wait! Longer days and warmer weather if exactly what we need after this long, cold winter.

Spring also means it’s time to get outside and start taking care of our yards again.

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Caring for Your Yard in the Snow

Don’t assume that just because your yard is buried in snow that you can’t still take care of it! Proper treatment all year round guarantees a greener, healthier lawn. From snow to salt, and prepping for spring, here are a few things to consider doing this winter for your yard.

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Landscape Lighting: A Bright Idea for the Dark Winter Months

Do the short, dark days of winter have you feeling down? Does your house simple not look as inviting come the cold months? Well, why not add some light!

Landscape lighting can increase your visibility at night, boost your home security, and allow you to enjoy the outdoors long after sunset.

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Designing Your Perfect Landscaping Plan

So… you have a vision for the lawn of your dreams. You want an outdoor landscape that appeals to you, drawing family and guests outside to enjoy natural beauty: neat, tailored shrubs, a natural privacy barrier like trees or bushes, a restful flower garden, shady nooks, a place for the kids to play.

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Winter Lawn Care Essentials

One of the biggest myths of lawncare is once the leaves are cleared, caring for your lawn is finished until spring. We are here to bust that myth wide open! Even when your grass is dormant for the winter, there are benefits for taking time to care for your lawn that will keep it healthy and ready for springtime.

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4 Best Yard Cleanup Tips for Fall

It’s September, which means fall is here! With all the increasing leaves and dying plants, many people assume yard care season is over, but they’re wrong. In fact, assuming it’s time to walk away from your yard in autumn can be bad news for your landscaping.

Taking care of yard cleanup now is actually vital to your landscaping maintenance and making your garden the best it can be,

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Why Aerate Your Lawn this Fall: Landscaping Maintenance in Omaha

A key component of great lawn care is aerating your soil. Why? Because over time, your soil becomes naturally compacted. This now compacted ground makes it difficult for your grass to get water and nutrients to the roots, negatively affecting its health.

The summer has been filled with hot sun,

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Your Guide to Overseeding

Are you feeling stuck with a drab looking lawn? You don’t cut your grass too short, you water it regularly, but it still doesn’t seem to be as green and lush as you’d like?

Overseeding can bring NEW life to a thin, worn lawn. It can also fill in patches where the grass is thin or nonexistent.

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