Laying Sod in the Fall? Yes, You Can!

lawn care omahaSummer isn’t the only optimal time to install sod! Sod can be installed at any point during growing season, which includes fall. As long as temperatures still are not falling below freezing, you can get great grass starting now!

As temperatures begin to drop, outside projects start to increase. The weather gets bearable again! From lawn care to flower bed maintenance to laying sod, you should still be doing lawn care in the fall. Cooler temperatures are actually preferable for sod because you have less risk of your sod overheating or drying out. You will still need to water regularly, but it has been raining so much lately you might get some support from Mother Nature! Also, when the temperatures are cooler, water evaporates slower, so it’s much more low maintenance when it comes to watering.

Plan Ahead!

The biggest factor to consider is timing. It takes sod about 6 weeks to develop a strong root system. It takes 2 weeks for a shallow root system to form. You want to give your sod adequate time to root before the ground freezes. It can no longer develop a root system once the ground is frozen, so you need to plan on 4-6 weeks to grown beforehand.

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If you need help getting the lawn of your dreams, it’s not too late in the season. Nebraska Yard Care can help you with lawn care, yard and flower bed maintenance, and yard clean up! Contact us today.

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