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Have a lush green yard maintained by local professionals. Nebraska Lawn Care does aeration, overseeding, power raking, and dethatching. We can evaluate your lawn and tell you which (if any) of these services you may need. Why would you want to aerate, dethatch or overseed?

  • For lawns with a lot of clay in the soil, aeration helps the roots of the grass penetrate the soil. This makes it easier for the grass to stay hydrated and gives a greener appearance.
  • If you have a lot of dead grass in your lawn, dethatching really helps your lawn look greener. And it can be essential for good lawn health.
  • Overseeding helps to keep the grass so lush and thick and weeds don’t have a way to gain a good foothold.

Spring and fall are the best times to dethatch (aerate/power rake) your lawn and overseed for a lush yard next year.


Nebraska soil has a lot of clay and houses with basements have even more clay in their yards. Grass finds it difficult to take root in clay, but regular aeration can help give new grass seeds room to grow.


After hot, dry weather and lots of traffic, lawns can start to look a bit thin and worn. That’s where overseeding and help. We’ll have your lawn looking lush and thick again in no time. And more grass means fewer weeds!

Power Rake/ Dethatch

If your lawn has too much thatch (the dry dead grass), it can mean your grass roots grow into the thatch instead of the ground. Power raking dethatches your lawn to keep the roots growing where they should.

In Omaha and surrounding Nebraska townships, there is not a more affordable, conscientious yard care company than Nebraska Yard Care. We can also help with all your mowing and trimming needs, or help with chemical applications.

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