Landscape Lighting: A Bright Idea for the Dark Winter Months

Do the short, dark days of winter have you feeling down? Does your house simple not look as inviting come the cold months? Well, why not add some light!

Landscape lighting can increase your visibility at night, boost your home security, and allow you to enjoy the outdoors long after sunset. It can also bring a cozy, elegant feel to your home and landscaping.

Types of Lighting to Incorporate in your Landscaping Design

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Illuminated Garden by LED Lighting.

For long lasting, energy-efficient lighting, look for fixtures that use LED bulbs. You can also find solar powered fixtures which are easy to set up and eco-friendly, just be sure that their location gets enough sunlight to charge them.

The best landscape design incorporates a multitude of fixtures and lighting types. Here are some examples:

  1. Uplighting on your home – highlight the architecture of your house
  2. Path lighting – a well-lit path provides for accessibility and a welcoming glow
  3. Entry lights – they could be placed above an exterior door, or on either side, and the fixture itself can offer quite a bit of its own style
  4. Spotlights – draw attention to your landscaping after dark by shining spotlights up or on your trees
  5. String lights – great for gazebos, pergolas, or trellises
  6. Garden lighting – typically purely for looks, but can add an interesting feature to a garden or bed
  7. Driveway lighting – typically done with low-voltage landscape lighting to provide interest
  8. Deck and Patio lighting – so that the fun can continue well into the night. Honestly, an outdoor fireplace could be considered a part of this!
  9. Accent lighting – good for anything you want to highlight. Perhaps a shed, water fountain, the fence, or gate!
  10. Motion sensor lights – ideal for safety as well as convenience, such as being able to see when you step out of your car at night without having to turn a light on.

Landscaping Design Omaha

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There are a ton of great ideas online on how to incorporate lighting into your landscape design, but creating a thoughtful, balanced design can take some time. If you are thinking about redesigning your landscaping here in Omaha, contact Nebraska Yard Care today! We can help you get the planning started now so you can enjoy your time outside come spring, as well as the lights this time next year!

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