Improve Your Yard with Regular Lawn Mowing

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Did you know that the more often you more your lawn the better it looks? And, it’s not just because it’s well-manicured and short. Regular lawn mowing keeps your grass healthier too!

Keeping your grass at an optimal height and ensuring you don’t remove too much at once are key to maintaining a healthy, green lawn.

How Often Should Your Grass be Cut?

When grass grows the most depends on the type of grass. Warm-season grasses grow most during the summer while cool-season grasses grow more in spring and fall.

The rate of grass growth and the desired height of your grass determine how often you will need to mow. However, most will need to mow once a week during growing season to keep lawns happy and healthy.

If your grass doesn’t get mowed for a while and gets pretty long, try to resist the urge to chop it all off. We mentioned in our quick and easy guide to proper lawn care that you never want to cut more than 1/3 of the grass height at once. Cutting too much grass at once can cause it to burn and turn brown.

Why Hire Lawn Care Experts for Landscaping Maintenance?

Mowing your lawn once a week takes a lot of time and energy. Some grass may even need to be cut twice a week to keep it the right length. With how busy so many of us are, most simply do not have the time.

Mowing your lawn too short or at the wrong time also leaves your yard vulnerable to disease or death. Hiring a professional saves you the regular maintenance and gives you the expertise you need.

The knowledge about your type of grass and what your lawn needs is also something incredibly valuable. Lawn care professionals know what the right type of fertilizer to use, how often to use it, what to do during dry or wet spells, and how to treat an unhealthy lawn. An expert possesses the knowledge to meet the unique needs of each lawn and to be able to head off potential problems before they begin.

Lawn mowing can be especially challenging to older homeowners or those who struggle with mobility issues or illness. You should never have to put yourself in danger to keep up with lawn care.

Invest in Professional Lawn Mowing Services Today

What are you waiting for? Nebraska Yard Care in Omaha can keep your lawn looking green, healthy, and always cut! Don’t spend your summer free time mowing your lawn, let us take care of that for you.

Contact us today to find out more about our lawn mowing and other services, such as landscape design, aeration, overseeding and more. We can find the right solution for your yard!

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