How to Winterize Your Yard in the Fall

yard cleanup and yard care omaha You might be trying to avoid yard cleanup in the fall, but if you appreciate a green, lush yard in the spring, you better take care of your yard in the fall! The Nebraska winters can be brutal, so take extra care of your grass, trees, and shrubs before the snow falls!

Don’t have the time to do a yard cleanup with fall? Nebraska Yard Care is happy to help winterize your yard. If you are interested in doing some yard cleanup on your own, here are some tips:

Rake Leaves

It may seem obvious, but you need to rake your leaves. Not only does it look nicer, it also is for the health of your lawn. Wet leaves piled on the ground can attract mold, mildew, and bugs.

Hate raking? Try leaf blowing or even better—drag out the lawn mower one last time. It’s like a vacuum for leaves!

Overseed your Lawn

Overseeding your lawn in the fall prepares it for the next growing season. The specifics of overseeding depend on the type of grass, the temperature, the fertilizer you use, etc. If you would like to have your lawn overseeded this fall to prepare for next year’s lawn, Nebraska Yard Care would love to help.

Winterizing your Garden Beds

Make sure you have harvested all fruits and flowers. Then, make sure to remove old plant matter from the garden. Leaving it invites diseases for the next growing season. You also need to protect your topsoil from the severities of winter. You can either plant a cover crop for larger beds or apply mulch. This protects the nutrients in the soil from the cold.

Prepare your tools for Winter

Proper storage and maintenance of your gear is important and makes starting back up in the spring that much easier.

Time to put away the mower and drag out the snow-blower! Make sure your snow blower is ready for winter by changing the oil, inspecting belts, installing a new spark plug, and lubing the drive and chassis with clean gasoline! Also, don’t forget to drain the gas in the lawn mower after your last mow.

As for hoses, you want to make sure you have brought in all your garden hoses and the water to the outside spigots is turned off. This will prevent any pipes from bursting over the winter.

For any help cleaning up your yard this fall, Nebraska Yard Care is just a phone call away! Contact us today.


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