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It’s April, and you look outside your window in disappointment at another summer of having a patchy, unsightly lawn. You wonder to yourself, how does that smug neighbor have a nicer lawn year after year? Quietly you decide, not this year. Determined to have the nicest lawn in the neighborhood, you boot up the old computer, pull up a search engine and read everything you need to know about lawn care. After spending hours in front of the computer and painstakingly creating a comprehensive list of lawn care items, you head to the department store and begin your shopping spree. Only the most expensive and highly recommended items will do and before you know it, your receipt total reminds you of a vacation weekend.

After returning home you feel excited about the possibilities but even more excited about the look on your neighbor’s face when your lawn is a deeper shade of emerald green than his. The next day, you wake up, collect all the required tools, gather the lawn care items, and begin following the YouTube instructions that took so long to write down. The work is a bit harder than you imagined but the thought of that beautiful lawn keeps you motivated.  After hours of pinching, pulling, digging and sweating your lawn is finally seeded and it’s time to sit back and wait for spring. This whole lawn thing seems pretty easy! Spring rolls around and without skipping a beat you fertilize just like you read in the instructions. All that’s left to do now is wait and revel in the look on your neighbor’s face when he sees your lawn.

But spring goes as quickly as it came and your lawn looks only marginally better than it did in years past. You make the daunting walk to your neighbor’s house and his lawn is as beautiful as ever.

So, what does your neighbor do differently? You have the same kind of soil; the grass is no different and you’re certain that you bought higher quality lawn care equipment. The answer is he does nothing.

How Can You Do Nothing and Still Get the Lawn of Your Dreams?

Your neighbor works with lawn care professionals who understand the quarterly changes experienced by grass and soil. By carefully timing chemical applications during critical fertilization periods, your neighbor’s lawn care professionals help your neighbor have the greenest and fullest lawn in the neighborhood. The chemical process your neighbor’s lawn care professionals use is 100% safe for humans and pets.

The six-step process that’s used provides

  • season-long grub control,
  • professional slow-release fertilizer
  • promotes root growth during winter months.

This preoccupation with quality and detail means that your neighbor’s lawn is healthier for longer and requires less maintenance than your lawn. It also means he avoids headaches like bare spots, unsightly weeds, and difficult to manage crabgrass.

Your neighbor does nothing, and guess what? You can do nothing too.

Contact Nebraska Yard Care at 402-208-7861 for a free consultation.  Nebraska Yard Care has been a staple of the Nebraska lawn care community since 1998. We administer a unique 6-step chemical application process which has created countless green lawns across Nebraska. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality people and products. With lots of satisfied customers, our reputation speaks for itself.

If you want the best lawn in your neighborhood, this is the only call you need to make.

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