Fall Lawn Care Secrets for a Beautiful Lawn

Now is the time to take advantage of the cool fall weather! When it comes to your yard, sometimes the to-do list can seem long. But, doing a few easy items now can be incredibly beneficial to your yard come spring.

Curious what secrets lawn care professionals have up their sleeves for fall maintenance? We’re here to drop a few!

 Adjust Your Mowing Height

In summer, we recommend raising the height of your lawn mower to reduce heat stress on your lawn. However, in fall that severe heat is no longer a concern. Now, we recommend you lower your mowing height. Cutting your crass shorter in autumn prevents the grass from matting down under leaves and snow.

Keep Watering During Dry Spells

Whenever it’s dry, no matter the season, you need to water your lawn. Early morning is the best time of day to water your lawn because you’ll waste less water to evaporation. Avoid water in the evening because that increases the growth of disease.

Overseed Your Lawn

After hot, dry weather and lots of traffic, lawns can start to look a bit thin and worn. That’s where overseeding can help. Nebraska Yard Care can have your lawn looking lush and thick again in no time. Overseeding your lawn also helps to keep the grass so lush and thick that weeds don’t have a way to gain a good foothold.


Now is a great time to use our professional slow-release fertilizer. This promotes recovery from stress over the summer, and helps grass green up earlier and look better come spring.

Check for Thatch

Thatch is a layer of dead organic matter mixed with living plant parts that can lead to disease and insect problems as well as damage from drought and cold weather. If your lawn has too much thatch (the dry dead grass), it can mean your grass roots grow into the thatch instead of the ground. Nebraska Yard Care offers power raking to dethatch your lawn, keeping the roots growing where they should.

Aerate Your Yard

Aeration loosens soil, improves drainage and reduces thatch, so your grass can grow thick and lush. Aeration also helps lawns with a lot of clay in the soil by helping the grass root better in this thick soil. This makes it easier for the grass to stay hydrated and gives a greener appearance.

Remove Fallen Leaves and Debris

In the fall, Nebraska Yard Care can rake your leaves, pull out plants which have died back and put down mulch to protect plants over the winter. Our yard cleanups can keep your lawn or grounds looking great all year round.

Whether you have continuous lawn care needs or just want someone to keep up with the yard while you are on vacation, Nebraska Yard Care is the best choice for you. We make your yard look great so you don’t have to think twice about it.

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