Designing Your Perfect Landscaping Plan

So… you have a vision for the lawn of your dreams. You want an outdoor landscape that appeals to you, drawing family and guests outside to enjoy natural beauty: neat, tailored shrubs, a natural privacy barrier like trees or bushes, a restful flower garden, shady nooks, a place for the kids to play. You have unsightly or encroaching trees you want to get rid of or an overgrown area that needs to be cleared out and recreated. Or maybe your yard looks great in the winter but boring in the summer?

A professionally designed landscape plan can solve all these problems. It transforms your outdoor space into livable space, creates beauty from every window of your home, and may even be able to address rain runoff problems that can, over time, threaten your home’s foundation and outbuildings. Nebraska Yard Care can provide landscaping in Omaha, working with you to create your outdoor Eden, making your home’s outside as appealing as its inside. It all starts with a landscaping plan, like this one we did for a local hotel (see the gallery for the project here).

Landscaping Design Omaha | Nebraska Yard Care

1. Collect and Analyze Site Data

Before making any decisions, your landscaping team will measure your lawn and determine its special needs. During the measurement, they will take into account permanent or semi-permanent lawn features like established trees and shrubs, boulders, and outbuildings. Natural drainage patterns will be marked, and we’ll also establish the best views from your home to ensure your landscaping looks as good from inside as out.

Once we’ve mapped this out for you, we will determine together the best approach to landscaping your lawn. This discussion will include your favorite sections, places you want to preserve, your privacy concerns, and anything special you want to be created. We’ll also discuss a budget so we have a good idea of what to create as an initial landscape as well as any ongoing maintenance expenses.

2. Initial Proposal

With your site data information, our landscaping planners will draft a plan. This will include private and public areas and your entryway. Depending on your needs, we may also include special sections for children or pets, retaining walls, and service and maintenance areas to screen sheds and lawn equipment. Special needs for your lawn like steep grades will also be included.

3. Landscaping Plan Development

Once you’ve determined a general structure for your lawn, we’ll build a form composition. We’ll work with you to determine whether you want soft curves or sharp angles for your landscape, crisply tailored edging or gentle landscape areas that merge naturally into your lawn. By keeping these elements constant throughout your landscaping plan, you’ll have a harmonious landscape.

At the same time, we’ll work with you to create outdoor “rooms.” In a home’s landscape, this could include an outdoor eating area in a gazebo or under the spreading branches of your favorite tree, a child’s play area, or a private romantic nook set well back in a rose garden or a shady nook. Commercial plans will look at things like entryway mood, employee break areas, and local greenspace requirements.

We’ll also look at seasons, ensuring your plan considers your landscape’s changing appearance throughout the year.

4. Landscaping Plan Finalization

In the final stages, we’ll give you options for any plants you haven’t already chosen as well as details like mulching, installation of pathways or retaining walls, and removal of any existing plants. Our deep and broad experience with the Omaha region ensures you’ll get plants perfectly adapted to our sometimes challenging environment, and we can work with you on any plants you want that aren’t ideal for the region to maximize their chances to thrive.

Once we have a plan that you’ve signed off on with a budget, we can create it quickly and professionally.

If you’re ready to create a beautiful yard or business landscape in Omaha, give Nebraska Yard Care a call, and we’ll bring your dreams to life.

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