Celebrating National Garden Month in April

Spring is officially here, which means so is gardening! While many may garden year-round, most of us don’t have the capabilities to do so. And in Omaha, we definitely don’t have the season for it.

That just means we’re all the more excited it’s finally time to get back into the garden!

Gardening can be such a positive time spent with yourself or your family. If you don’t really think of yourself as a gardener, you may be curious why people garden in the first place?

Well, when you garden, you have the opportunity to grow. Gardeners know, and research confirms, that nurturing plants is good for you! Community comes together, kids perform better at school, and our attitudes toward health and nutrition improve.

So, join the celebration and help make Omaha a greener place!

Here are some fun ways you can celebrate National Garden Month:

  1. Plan a garden! It could be a flower garden, a vegetable garden, or a butterfly garden—there are endless options. Whether their big or small, for eating or for aesthetics, a garden is a fun, new learning activity.
  2. Join a local gardening club. Perhaps it’s a community garden in your neighborhood or through a local nursery. Either way, enjoying time outside and meeting new people is a great way to spend your time.
  3. Try your hand at composting. This is a great way to recycle plant waste and it becomes a superfood for your gardens!
  4. Decorate your garden. There are so many fun things you can add to a garden to really bring it to life! I could be a birdbath, a windmill, cute signs or flags, gnomes, a birdhouse, or a squirrel feeder, the options are endless.
  5. Start seedlings indoors. Not only is this a fun learning experience, but it is also much for affordable to buy seeds than to buy plants! Save money and start growing plants now. You don’t want to plant anything until after the last frost, and you can find lots of information online about when it’s safe to transplant outdoors.
  6. Visit your local library. Did you know Omaha Public Library offers free seeds? Each month, you can get 10 free seed packets varying from veggies to herbs to flowers. In addition, they have lots of books to teach you how to garden or give you new ideas for your garden you hadn’t thought of before.

This April, take some time for yourself, and spend some time in your garden! If you need help cleaning up your yard in preparation, Nebraska Yard Care is here to help. We also offer flower bed maintenance to guarantee your beds always look their best self (and so you don’t have to weed!)

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