Caring for Your Yard in the Snow

Don’t assume that just because your yard is buried in snow that you can’t still take care of it! Proper treatment all year round guarantees a greener, healthier lawn. From snow to salt, and prepping for spring, here are a few things to consider doing this winter for your yard.

Be careful about using salt. Salt will help melt snow and ice, but it can also damage plants and trees by drawing water away from their roots. When laying salt, be sure to keep it away from your trees and shrubs. Salt should also be cleaned off pet paws following a wintery walk outside.

Sharpen your mower blade. Now is a great time to show your mower some love. A sharp blade will more uniformly cut the grass, making it healthier in the long run. It also extends the life of your mower. You can learn how to sharpen your mower blade here. That way, you are ready when spring arrives!

Avoid walking on snowy covered grass. This can condense the snow and even form ice that can squish the grass and prevent it from “breathing”. At the end of winter, be sure to break up piles of ice and spread the snow around to help it melt away quicker.

Keep your pathways clear. Make sure your driveway and sidewalks are clear of snow, so they have a safe space to walk. This will also help prevent people from walking on snowy grass. It is also important that when shoveling or snow blowing to try and not make large piles of snow in a singular area so that they do not take longer to melt than the rest of the yard.

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Don’t shake heavy snow or ice off branches. It may be tempting but shaking them could cause branches to snap. If you have a damaged branch, remove them as soon as the weather allows you to do it safely. Try to get a clean cut on an already broken branch or limb, as it will be more difficult for insects or diseases to enter the stressed area on your tree or shrub.

Don’t be surprised if your grass looks sad and worn down when the snow clears. The winter is hard on any lawn. The best thing you can do is wait till your lawn tried up a bit, and call Nebraska Yard Care for aeration and overseeding. This will break up the compacted soil and help your grass grow thicker and lusher this spring.

If you have any questions about winter lawn care or are looking for a quality landscaping company in Omaha, contact Nebraska Yard Care today!

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